General advice given:

– The best way to find out more information is to give Phil Allen a ring, on: (01329) 823121.
– If you are interested, book a free consultation. This gives you the opportunity to assess the training environment and to see if Phil is the right kind of teacher for you. Plus, this gives Phil an opportunity to see if you are the right kind of student!
– Do Kung Fu because you love it! There is no better reason.

The best thing to do is to contact us for more information. There have been two recent graduates from the school, once they start schools we will be able to update the site with further details.

We apologise to those people who live further away. However, some of our students do travel quite a distance to their weekly lesson!

There are many fine martial arts and all of them contain certain aspects that are worthwhile and effective. If you are looking to take up a martial art we recommend you look for the ‘right’ teacher, rather than the best style. A good teacher can help you progress as a martial artist and develop as an individual. Trust your own judgement. It will be obvious if a teacher is skilful and willing to share his knowledge.

Most students have one lesson per week.

This does not matter at all. In fact, it is good that you have not done a martial art before. This means you will come with an open mind, without bad habits or preconceived ideas. Concerning your physical fitness, this is not important. Phil Allen teaches a wide range of people who vary in age, fitness and experience. He will develop you as an individual, with your unique personality and attributes.

Yes, of course! Give Phil Allen a ring, on: (01329) 823121. If he is not in, leave your name and telephone number. He should be able to fit you in for a 30 minute appointment within a week’s notice. This is a great opportunity, so make the most of it. He will be happy to answer any questions you have, plus demonstrate some principles of Kung Fu.

Give Phil Allen a ring, on: (01329) 823121. He will verbally tell you the price. (Why haven’t I put the price here? Because, if you don’t know the value of what you are getting how can you judge its worth! Speak to him over the phone and assess for yourself whether it is acceptable.)

No. However, there are many sources of information for you to search. Apart from Google you could try looking in the classifieds of martial art magazines (like Martial Arts Illustrated) and also the Yellow Pages. Happy hunting!

Good question. Yes, we do teach female students. However, they are few and far between. This could possibly be put down to the trend that more men want to learn martial arts than women.

Here, it is important to point out that men and women are treated equally. At the Institute we set high standards of excellence. At times training will be demanding and intense, especially in sparring. However, Phil Allen will take great care to teach the individual at his/her own pace and will only move onto more challenging aspects when he/she is ready.

That depends on when you want them. To book a private lesson all you have to do is give Phil Allen a ring, on: (01329) 823121. He will find a time that is both convenient for you and himself (this could be in the morning, afternoon or evening, on a week day or at the weekend).