Junior Syllabus

This is a truly fantastic opportunity for young people. Today many young people have behaviour problems. Much of this is down to a lack of self-worth, lack of purpose, or bad influence from their peers. Learning this martial discipline at such a young age will help with their general concentration, both physical and mental, as most of martial discipline is self-discipline.

The Junior syllabus is essentially designed for young people between the ages of 8 and 14 years https://at-casinos.com/. As with adults, lessons are exclusively private, one-to-one, or a can be taught to a pair. This allows maximum opportunity to learn properly, the old traditional way, which simply isn’t possible in a large class where distraction is easy, and juniors just end up playing around.

All lessons and grades are conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, allowing for each individual to progress at their own pace. No student is thrown into a grading every 3 months, rather only when ready, and when the student is confident, will they be graded. All grades are taken in front of at least two Nakmas qualified instructors.
Come along with your son / daughter / ward and have a chat first. See if you’re comfortable with the school. All instructors are fully licensed and insured with DBS checks.